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         We are family owned and operated. As an owner operator my goal is to WOW you with our new system and latest technology we carry. The most rewarding thing in cleaning your carpet is the expression we see when you see how deep this equipment cleans and your carpet is brought to life.

We believe in our high quality system and techniques. Our goal is to WOW you and make you a lifetime customer. Lets us bring our experience and technology to your home. Even the wand we use is the latest and greatest available today.

* Advanced Steam Carpet Cleaning Equipment
* Eco Green Carpet Cleaning, Child and Pet Safe
* Quality Carpet Cleaning Service at Great Prices
* High Heat Steam Cleaning Truck Mount

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 How does our Deep Steam Cleaning Service make us different?

          Cleaning agents that are packed with power and boosters yet still giving you powerful green carpet cleaning along with heat steam carpet cleaning that just shreds through dirt, grease, grime and traffic areas! Not all carpet cleaning service have this consistent heat steam carpet cleaning that kills odor causing bacteria, dust mites, etc... We do have this type of steam carpet cleaning service. Couple that with the Rotovac rotary green carpet cleaning extraction machine that cleans with 750 multi directional steam carpet cleaning passes that is recognized as one of the best power carpet steam cleaning tools in the industry.
This gives us a Hybrid Steam Carpet Cleaning Truck Mount system that gives consistent 220+ degree carpet steam cleaning at 350,000
btu heat combined with the highest quality of green cleaning agents available means you get a better cleaning service and dry time as hot steam water evaporates quicker.
Check out the video on the right of an actual steam cleaning job done in Lancaster and see the difference for yourself, no longer will you have to worry about spots coming back in a day or two.

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         We service carpet cleaning in Palmdale, Lancaster, Santa Clarita areas. 


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