Power Wash Carpet Cleaning

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10+ Step Process:

Step 1: Inspection
We begin with a visual of the upholstery pieces as well as listen to any concerns and pay close attention to any troubled areas. At this time we also communicate our upholstery cleaning process and course of action.

Step 2: Fiber/Process Identification
Cleaning upholstery is a delicate process, so we always begin with a color fastness test along with a fiber identification test. If a natural fiber then we proceed to have a shrinkage test.

Step 3: Power Vacuum (Optional)
We use our powerful vacuum system to remove most solid debris in your upholstery. This is important in upholstery cleaning like vacuuming is in carpet cleaning. Removing these solids clears the way and maximizes
prespray cleaning ability.

Did you know?

You can have pounds of dust mites, dust, body oil, dirt, stains, allergens etc.. If you have not cleaned your Upholstery, Mattress or Carpet in over a year! This goes unnoticed due to these being in bedded in the fibers or hide under the fabric color.
Every night we sleep on those mattresses and sit on those chairs and couches and never give a second thought to the dust, sweat, dead skin, body oil and other contaminants in our upholstery, mattress or carpet. This holds true for kids mattresses along with urine stains and smell.


Micro Fiber, Synthetic, Natural Fiber and
manyother upholstery cleaning.
We use top of the line
cleansing agents that are bio degradable, non toxic.

forget the protector!
This helps with spills and stains from penetrating deep into the fiber and keeps dirt from clinging to the fibers as well. Synthetic stains which can permanently change the color to the fiber. Read below for more information on why to protect your upholstery and carpet.

It's always a pleasure to see how bright and clean your upholstery looks right after they've been professionally steam cleaned. Now you can keep them looking fresh and new longer by asking for Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector. Advanced Teflon® forms an invisible shield around each fiber, which resists soil and stains. Protecting your upholstery better between steam upholstery cleaning.

Teflon® Advanced uses new DuPont technology to provide more repellency than any other upholstery protector. It repels most liquids, allowing spills to be removed by a professional upholstery cleaner before staining and wicking can occur. Dirt and stains
clingtountreated carpet and quickly become embedded in the fibers. Teflon® Advanced keeps dirt from sticking to the fibers, making upholstery easier to care for between each professional upholstery cleaning.

Furniture Cleaning

Step 4: Pre Spray Treatment
Removing the solid soils in the upholstery cleaning process like sand,
hair and debris pave the way for the work horse in upholstery cleaning, the Pre Spray. With the solids gone this allows the pre spray to better break down the remaining soils like dirt, grease, foot, etc...
We use top of the line
eco friendly green upholstery cleaning pre spray that is standardly boosted with citrus and oxygen yet biodegradable and non-toxic. With proper dwell time in carpet emulsifies and suspends the soil for carpet cleaning extraction.

Step 5: Deep Foam Shampoo (Optional)
This option is needed for medium - heavily soiled upholstery whether it be a sofa, sectional or natural couch. This blend of mixed shampoo and boosters form a foamy upholstery cleaning mix that is brushed in and give a deep upholstery wash second to none yet still gentle on fine upholstery.

Step 6: Spot Treatment
Spot treatment is included in the upholstery cleaning. This helps break down troubled areas like grease and body oils that have accumulated on
head rests and arm rests.

Step 7: Specialty Spot i.e.
Kool Aid (Optional)
If they are specialty stains they can be addressed at an additional fee, this is where specialty chemistry and technique are used to either remove or neutralize specialty stains like kool aid, ink, rust, etc... that normally do not come out during the upholstery steam cleaning process. Though your upholstery is now clean, fibers may be permanently stained changing the fiber characteristics needing special care and procedure.

Step 8: Agitation
This is done in three different ways. One is with a horse hair brush which
give agitation while still being gentle with all fabrics. Second is with
the cleaning tool which agitates as it is used during the upholstery cleaning. Third, the water pressure and temperature being used at a high PSI impacts the fabric and releases dirt and stains while giving a better rinse.

Step 9: Hot Water Extraction
The upholstery cleaning extraction/rinse is dependent on the cleaning technique needed for the specific fabric. Using either 2 spray jet rinse extraction or high water flow flushing extraction or a mist and extract rinse you can be confident in the upholstery cleaning knowledge we bring. This washes, steams and vacuums away the debris and contaminants including the green cleaning agents used to break down the soils in the upholstery pieces being cleaned. This step is similar to your rinse cycle when washing your clothes.

Step 10: Comb Nap
This step is important when cleaning certain types of upholstery. If needed we will comb the fabric after the upholstery cleaning in the direction to remove cleaning marks giving your furniture a clean and fresh look.

Step 11: Speed Dry (Optional)
Air mover/s following immediately after the upholstery steam cleaning greatly increases the upholstery dry time. This is due to the high air flow blasting by and through the fabric. This step is very important and highly recommended and with some furniture needed where color migration may be a problem.

Step 12: Dupont Advanced Protector (Optional)
Protector is sprayed and worked into the upholstery after the steam cleaning to insure an even application. This allows you to keep your upholstery cleaner and fresher longer by putting an invisible shield around each fiber helping your upholstery repel and resist soils and stains by not allowing them to bond with the upholstery fibers. This non-toxic Dupont Advanced Protector w/ Teflon is of the highest quality which makes us one of the best upholstery cleaning companies around.

Why get Upholstery Teflon Protector?

Teflon® Advanced must be professionally applied by your upholstery cleaner. It is applied by spray application, dries quickly, and leaves no odor. It is non-toxic and safe to use around family and pets. It's CFC- and solvent-free.

DuPont recommends the application of Advanced Teflon® after each upholstery cleaning on all upholstery fiber types. With an application of DuPont Advanced Upholstery Protector, you have the assurance your upholstery is protected with a premium quality product after having them steam cleaned.

The next time you have your upholstery professionally steam cleaned whether in Palmdale, Lancaster or anywhere in the Antelope Valley all the way down to the San Fernando Valley and in between be sure to ask for Teflon® Advanced Upholstery Protector.


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