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There comes a point and time where moping and sweeping just aren't cutting it!

You need professional Tile & Grout Cleaning.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

 10 Step Tile & Grout Cleaning Process:

Step   1: Inspection
We do a walk through, listen for any concerns and pay close attention to any troubled areas. At this time we also communicate our process and course of action during our tile and grout cleaning service.

Step  2: Vac / Sweep (Optional)
We proceed to vacuum or sweep, collecting most solids. This is very important in steam tile cleaning as a large percentage are insoluble soils meaning they will not break down with solvents. Examples are hair, clay, sand, etc...
This gives optimal tile and grout cleaning results as the next step will work better on dirt and grime that is embedded in the grout and each tile.

Step  3: Spray High PH Grease Remover and Scrub (Optional)
Tile and grout grease sprays recommended for caked on grease or cooking residue. Removing this first will greatly improve tile and grout cleaning service by clearing the way for the tile & grout 
pre spray penetration.

4: Pre Spray
With the solids gone this allows our green tile & grout 
cleaning pre spray to better break down the remaining soils like dirt, grease, food, etc... embedded in the grout and tile.
We use top of 
the line eco friendly green tile & grout cleaning pre spray that is standardly boosted with oxygen safe bleach yet biodegradable and non-toxic. With proper dwell time in tile and grout it penetrates and suspends the soil for tile and grout cleaning extraction.

5: Pre Scrub
Agitation is either performed with a special tile & grout cleaning brush and also by the rotary tile & grout cleaning extraction machine. This does two things, one it works 
the pre spray into the grout and second it helps break down and separate the dirt from the tile and grout.

Step 6: Rotary Scrub
Our tile and grout cleaning machine uses scrubbing with many nylon bristles to work 
in the pre spray and further scrub the tile and grout this is usually done in a combination of the rinse cycle.

Step 7: Edge/Corner Detail
Special tile and grout cleaning detail tools are used to clean around the edges and corners where the tile and grout machine head might not reach.

Step8:   High Pressure Rinse
Our tile and grout cleaning
machinegives high water flow flushing, scrubbing and extraction that washes, steams and vacuums away the debris and contaminants including the tile & grout cleaning agents used to break down the soils.

Step 9: Speed Dry (Optional)
With air mover/s following behind each room or area of tile and grout cleaned greatly increases tile and grout dry time. This is due to the high air flow blasting over tile & grout often leaving the tile and grout dry to the touch by the end of your tile & grout cleaning service.
Step 10: Grout Seal (Optional)
Grout sealer is applied on to 
the grout after  steam tile and grout cleaning to insure an even application. This allows you to keep your tile and grout cleaner  longer by putting an invisible shield on each grout line helping your tile & grout repel and resist soils and stains by not allowing them to bond with the tile & grout. This no wait Dupont grout sealer penetrating protector can be applied immediately after tile & grout cleaning to protect before the grout can get dirty.

*Optional steps are available at regular cost for the best Tile & Grout cleaning service. You can add or remove options to best fit your tile cleaning budget.
This is not your cheap tile and grout cleaning company, we have top of the line equipment to give you quality tile and grout cleaning services.

Your tile and grout just
isn't as bright and attractive as it used to and it doesnt shine the same even after you clean. The grout is dirty and in some cases or areas you cant even tell what the original color is!

This is where you need professional tile and grout cleaning equipment, pressure power, industrial strength tile and grout cleaning agents, powerful vacuum, scrubbing and sealing to keep your tile floor investment in the
most cleanest and lustrous condition. So why us? Most Tile & Grout cleaners have a head with 2 spinning jets, so do we but in addition our tile cleaning head spins 360 degrees with nylon bristles that continously scrubs the tile and grout agitating the surface more.

Also when you have your tile grout sealed, it makes an invisible barrier coating the tile grout which is porous. This helps greatly prevent stains, grease, oil, cleaning residue and other substances from penetrating deep into the tile grout. Making cleaning and maintaining your Tile & Grout much easier.

forget! Bathroom tile, Shower, Counter top, Chimney, etc...

Call us for all your Tile & Grout Cleaning needs. Combine with Tile & Grout Cleaning with your Carpet Cleaning and save!

Whether in Palmdale, Lancaster or anywhere in the Antelope Valley down to the San Fernando Valley you get Quality Tile & Grout Cleaning at an affordable price.

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